Minor updates

The main framework for the blog portal is now setup and the template is mostly finished. The plan was to do all the work required at once so I could focus on modelling and not website maintenance…

I’m testing a few layout versions for the reviews, but the content is always more important than the look & feel, and that’ll sort itself out shortly anyway after writing a couple of reviews.

I’ve got 22 kits that are waiting to be reviewed and a whole lot of paint and weathering products so it’s going to take a lot of time to catch up – but I’m not in a hurry…

I’m also working on a lineup of German WWII tanks, with focus on tank destroyers (otherwise it would be an impossible task), but considering how many new German AFV’s that are released regularly this is going to have to be a “work in progress” for many years… 😉

I’m also working on a “what if” diorama with scale models that could’ve happened? Think 1946 and onward if things took a different direction. The German engineers and designers were many many years ahead of the rest of us, I think, back in the 40’s and my interest in scale modelling is a tribute to the mechanical engineering and wonders – not what they were used for. That part has no interest to me.

Happy tinkering!

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