Format for reviews?

Today you find reviews everywhere on the internet, and here’s another one obviously…

My plan is to make reviews that are short enough so that everybody should be able to read them without being bored with too many pages, but still be detailed enough for you to get some sort of feeling for the item under review. This means that some reviews will be fairly short whereas others might be longer – in order for me to share my experiences and views, and recommendations.

Things that are great might not receive as much text as something bad, so if something just reads “this is great!” then you can be sure it is! 😉

This means that I won’t go through each and every item on every sprue – that’s not my intention. Instead I will focus on the item as a whole and things that might need extra attention or a reason for getting into more details. A bad kit is therefore bound to generate a longer review than a really good one.

I will also always be subjective and honest and I will never, ever, write that something is good when it isn’t – not even when sponsored! That’s not honest and that’s bad for scale modelling as a whole and I don’t agree to that. In fact I’m quite known for being very honest – sometimes a bit too honest perhaps, but better being honest than having a brown tongue! :p

I buy a lot of scale models and they’re all going to be built (unless they’re crap and useless). I’m not collecting kits to just put them in a stash.

When reviewing kits I will focus on the kit itself, the quality of the sprues, how well the parts fit and any observations done during assembly. Some kits require many many hours of cleaning and tweaking parts just to make them fit whereas others are super clean and fit with almost no work at all. This is important to highlight but the most important part is the final results. I don’t mind using putty where reasonable, but I don’t like those kits that rely on you being a professional plasterer to fix every gap and fault the manufacturer couldn’t be bothered to check, or verify, themselves. I have quit on a couple of kits that just were too bad quality-wise, and this is important to say in a review so a beginner modeller doesn’t start with a kit like that. I did and it almost made me quit before I got started – but luckily the next kit was the opposite, i.e. fantastic, and that’s when I realised that you have to do a bit of research before buying a kit.

Many of the reviews I found when searching were too detailed, for me at least, so I couldn’t be bothered to finish reading them. This place will focus on shorter reviews and a more direct and honest description of the product – and a recommendation from my side. 0-5 stars will be awarded for every review where 0 is obviously bad and 5 is excellent!

Paint is somewhat subjective and what works for some might not work at all for others, and I will try to reflect on that before I claim something is useless – but if/when I say something is bad I will also tell you why I think so. That way you can make your own decision based on my experience and usage. It might be different for you?!

Tools, utensils and consumables (like sanding products etc) is simpler to review, but also harder to screw up.

Anyhow, I hope I can be of some help to you when you try to find out about a kit or some scale modelling related product, and this without having to read pages upon pages just to find out if it’s any good or not?! If you want the super long and detailed reviews there are plenty out there.

Also, and this is important – if you don’t agree with me – or agree, write a comment! The goal is to help others to find information, not to try to convince you that I is right and you are wrong. That’s never going to be helpful. So please leave a comment where appropriate. I will not censor comments unless offensive or spam.

Happy tinkering!

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