MAiM Gefechtsroboter Hammerschlag #35331

I recently discovered these Front 46 figures from MAiM and they’re “what if” models from the Schwabenland Army that was never finished in real life. (or so we are led to believe…)

MAiM 3D-prints most of their figures rather than the usual thermoplastic moulding process, but this doesn’t mean that they’re worse quality when you consider how good professional 3D-printers are today. They come in various different scales but the most popular seems to be 1/35 scale.

They’re a bit pricey to be honest, but they are a fairly limited production and the quality I’ve seen is superb, so at some stage I need to add a couple of MAiM Front 46 figures to my “wunderwaffen” collection! The one above is looking very smart indeed 🙂

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