Sergio Solo – Featured Modeller

Sergio Solo from Colombia is a fantastic modeller who isn’t afraid to bring out the whole toolbox when modelling. Best of all – he teaches us all his best tricks whilst doing it!

Our very first featured modeller is none other than the fantastic Sergio Solo from Colombia!

I found him on YouTube little over a year ago when he was building a Rye Field Model Tiger I and I noticed that, apart from Sergio being a very talented modeller – he also had an artistic way of creating videos, and one of his “trademark” tricks is to just point on the model and duplicate parts appear! Entertaining and excellent artistic skill in the same package!


Hasegawa Kawasaki Zaxis 135US

First up is his Hasegawa Kawasaki Zaxis 135US in 1/35 scale and as you can see, not only is his modelling skills superb, so is his photography! I think we can learn a lot from Sergio by just looking at these pictures…

Here is how he built the Hasegawa Zaxis 135US

And here is the paint and weathering.

Amazing work! It makes even me, the “just another German tank guy” keen on building a digger! Mine would have late 1945 camouflage pattern though… ūüėČ

Ma.K Street Sharks

The next build that simply has to be highlighted is Sergios fantastic Ma.K (Maschinen Krieger) custom Street Shark model. This was Sergios first entry in a competition, and in this case a competition held by Hobby Link Japan, and no surprise but he won 3:rd place in the Intermediate Category!

Tanks and other vehicles

Sergio is also a more than competent AFV modeller, which you can clearly see in the following images. He’s got focus, determination and eye for detail, and he’s not afraid to remove anything that isn’t perfect and scratch build replacement parts. Just have a look at the 1/48 scale Tamiya Sturmtiger exhaust manifold, and side skirts, aluminium details he just recently did?! Fantastic work!

I can go on and on about his work but instead of me just showing the highlights, head over to Sergio Solo on YouTube, or Facebook, and see the work from the source!

I’m really impressed with Sergio Solo and there was no doubt why I chose him as the first modeller to feature in this section. He deserves more publicity if you ask me. I’ve also realised that I need to build a Maschinen Krieger sometime in the future to complement my own, perhaps a little weird, “What if” collection of German paper tanks and other fantasy contraptions. It would fit right in! I can’t promise I get anywhere near the same quality as Sergio Solo has, but it’s not always about the end results – it’s how you get there, and Sergio Solo is a huge inspiration to me!

Click the icons below to find Sergio Solo and his wonderful work and enjoy the art from a true modeller!






All photos of scale models are Copyright (c) Sergio Solo and are published with his permission.

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