Paint, paint, paint and paint!

Let there be paint!

Paint is something very important when modelling and there are almost as many manufacturers, and schools, of paint as there are models today. Ok, not as many but when listing all manufacturers of model paint you’ll be amazed!

I’m not going to make colour charts for all of these, but I will make pages for the most common ones, and if possible try to make a conversion chart between the various makes where possible, and for the base colours + RAL and RLM so you can find the equivalent paint from your favourite paint manufacturer when trying to recreate a certain design.

Some paints scale better than others so my conversion charts will only be a rough guide, but colours can be adjusted with filters and weathering so you should be able to achieve your desired look regardless of paint manufacturer as long as they’ve got enough basic colours for you to mix if they haven’t got the correct colour ready made.

For now I’ve published the Vallejo equivalence chart but I’m working on a couple of custom conversion charts in Excel and when I’ve published that/those charts I would like you to send me your data so we can have an interactive chart that everyone can use! There are a few such charts online but very are maintained and some contradict others. Some colours won’t be exact due to scaling, but if we can get you as close as possible it’s a good way to start!

You can find the new paint charts under “Paint” in the top menu. Just choose manufacturer in the drop-down menu. The manufacturer pages are made from imported pdf documents in order to precisely display the colours, and names, as the manufacturers intended. I’ve added copyright details where applicable since I’ve copied both data and graphics from above said pdf documents. If you as a paint manufacturer don’t wish me to re-use your graphics here then just send me a message and I will remove any offending parts. Please supply me with replacement graphics so I can continue to have a collection of the most popular paints for all modellers. This is especially useful for all beginner modellers so I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your data and graphics.

I will also try to make all graphics as svg where possible. That way the charts can be enlarged without losing quality, which can be useful in order to keep the charts small enough to fit on the screen without being too big. This is subject to change depending on how well it works.

If you’ve made similar documents or charts I’ll happily publish them here with credits to you, the maker. If we pool our resources we can build very extensive, and complete, paint conversion charts – and I can make them interactive here as well!

Happy painting!

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