New product – Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint

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The long-awaited new product Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint (LP-1 ~ LP-30) in bottles appears!

Tamiya color lacquer paint
■ 1st 15 colors
152 yen (main unit price 160 yen) released around Saturday, December 2, 2017
■ 2nd 15 colors, 3rd and beyond will be released one after another


  • Strong coating film that is most suitable for basic painting
  • Shorter dry time, higher working efficiency
  • Safe for finishing with beautiful glossy enamel paint etc
  • Best for air brush painting
  • Capacity: 10 ml * Acrylic paint mini The size and capacity of the glass bottle are the same.

Could this mean that Tamiya is releasing a paint that is more or less something like MRP (Mr. Paint)? If so it’s a great thing! Only downside is the small jar size of 10ml. MRP are using bigger bottles and I’m almost ready to stop using Tamiya paint (certain colours) because I keep having to buy them in bulk when I’m busy. Please Tamiya, make your larger jars available in Europe too!

Lacquer Paint is going to appeal to many for sure, at least to us who are still using solvent based paints in favour of “pure” acrylics. They just don’t dry where I live…

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