C4-Open, Malmö 2017

I visited C4-Open in Malmö a couple of weeks ago when it happened and it is held in the best place possible – right amongst real jet planes and engines on the upper floor in the Teknikens och sjöfartens museum. This museum covers all things technical and industrial, including real air planes and even a submarine! If you’re ever in Malmö, Sweden, you should visit these museums because there’s something for all in there!

Anyhow, I didn’t enter anything to the competitions because it’s never been my thing, but I’ve planned to enter a couple next year just for fun. There were many different classes and some tables were a bit crowded so I couldn’t take any pictures, but I managed to snap a few anyway.

My favourite model of the whole show is this little vignette. Sadly it didn’t win? I’ve never been able to understand why some win and some don’t when it should’ve been the opposite in my opinion, but this will probably remain a mystery to me – and to virtually all modellers I know… 😉

I just love the whole build and the poor guy who’s running for his life after discovering the bomb he just excavated!!!

Sadly I never got the name of the modeller who made this model, but if someone knows then please tell me so I can give credit because it was fantastic and should’ve been “best in show” if you ask me!


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