Incoming models for review 12.11.18

Incoming kits, models and products for review – now that the postal service seems to work again…

After having major issues with Post Nord in Sweden things now seems to work again, but it required a lot of registered complaints and legal action…

The money I lost from having to pay double shipping costs on many packages that were simply returned instead of delivered was impossible to claim back. Apparently mail in 2017 has no value to the post office?! This I find very strange. At least I’m getting my mail again so I guess I’m going to have to be happy with that…

I’ve got a few items incoming for review and build and there’s an obvious focus on a certain type of kits this time… The Entwicklungsfahrzeug tanks. I’m doing a complete build of the whole E-lineup so I’ve had to find the missing ones. Sadly I missed the fact that you can’t buy the Amusing Hobby E-5 (#35B001) because it’s only available in bundles – all from models I already got in the stash. Somehow I’m going to get hold of it, otherwise it’s going to be a scratch build!

Incoming models are:

Amusing Hobby 1/35 35A017 Jagdpanzer E-100

Trumpeter 1/35 00385 Entwicklungsfahrzeug E-10

Trumpeter 1/35 01536 E-50

Trumpeter 1/35 01538 E-75

If I’d known about the E-5 bundle deal I would’ve ordered the E-100 Jagdpanzer with the E-5, but my usual seller didn’t have the bundle so I didn’t know about it. I also hadn’t hatched the idea about the Entwicklungsfahrzeug Sammlung then so it wasn’t something I looked for. If someone’s got the Amusing Hobby E-5 35B001 for sale then please contact me!!!

I’ve built quite a few Trumpeter kits lately and they are quite nice! I’ve had some fit problems and the sprue quality has been a bit uneven between kits with regards to flash, but they are simple to build and the detail is great, and they often have options so you can choose certain features on your kit. This I really like when I’m not building a specific model – or if I’m building a specific model that’s different than the base model!

What have you bought lately? Please leave a comment. Anything you’d like me to review? Please let me know!


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