Master’s collection series vol. 1 – Per Olav Lund

This book isn’t as much step by step as the previous book on vignettes. It’s more of a compilation of some of the best work Per Olav Lund has made throughout the last two decades – each with an explaining text and some demonstrations on how to make some of the effects.

Each page is a stunning piece of art and you’re amazed at what Per Olav manages to create with his bare hands, but he’s sharing some of his secrets and helps you creating the details that lifts any vignette or diorama to the next level!

Since I’m mostly an armour modeller, or at least war machines, this book gives me an insight into the art of vignettes and dioramas with different themes, of a more peaceful nature – and I felt very inspired after reading this book the first time and I can admit that I’ve since started a small diorama which doesn’t feature any form of military object at all! I didn’t think modelling a small shed in balsa wood and cardboard could be so enjoying but it is! This will make me a better modeller in the end (hopefully…) because I will be able to focus on other focal points in the diorama than just the tank or the plane that spawned the diorama from the beginning.


I particularly love how Per Olav can tell a whole story by just a tiny little vignette – which is something you normally don’t do with a vignette, only with a more elaborate diorama – but here we have examples on how to take your projects to the next level!

I also recognise the style of his stunning work since I live in Sweden and his work is often based on Norwegian influences. Per Olav is a true master at the black art of dioramas and vignettes!

This book is a huge source of inspiration and pure eye candy! Amazing!!! There’s simply no other score than 5 out of 5!

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