Vignettes – a how to guide by Joaquin Garcia Gázquez

This book was the first book I bought about vignettes and dioramas and it was initially only released in Spanish, but it’s now available in English too and it’s a fantastic book for both the absolute beginner – but also for the seasoned modeller.

It goes through the “mathematical formulas” of angles – which I didn’t think of at all when I built my first vignette, although I was lucky with the angles I might add… Now I know why you choose the angles you do and why it looks best that way. He demonstrates this by building various scenery and he’s a phenomenal modeller for sure!!!

The layout of the vignette is demonstrated by a transparent overlay of the picture to show why and how he has made the design and the layout he has. This should be very valuable for those who wish to understand the “correct” design of a vignette. Everything in this book is obviously also valid for larger dioramas.



His example projects are on a superb level and still doable for the beginner – just don’t expect to replicate his results the first couple of attempts…

If you’re new to dioramas and vignettes this is the first book you get if you ask me!

I can only give this book a 5 out of 5!

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