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It’s been winter – a bl**dy cold, snowy and miserable one too – and many days have just been to cold for modelling so i started reading a couple books instead and got inspired to expand the reference library. I usually don’t look at others work when I paint and weather my scale models but recently I’ve found a lot of inspiration looking at others work, so even if I don’t copy what I see it gets the creative flow going! I’m not very creative during winter so these books have given me a boost in that department!

Some I’ve already reviewed, like the vignette and diorama books, but I’ve got a whole new pile coming in towards the weekend so this is a heads up for quite a few reviews coming up shortly!

Two of them are brand new so I can hopefully say if they’re any good prior, but the Diorama FAQ 1.2 should be fantastic if it’s anything like the first one!

Here’s what’s incoming:

Real Colors of WWII

Panzer DNA

1945 German Colors

Sturmgeschütz III in Combat

Encyclopedia of Armour Modelling Techniques Vol.4

Encyclopedia of Armour Modelling Techniques Vol.5

Panzer Aces Profiles 2

Dioramas FAQ 1.2 Extension – Water, Ice & Snow

I’ve bought these books from Panzerwrecks in the UK and it’s a company I can fully recommend! Great service, great packaging, competitive prices and they are super fast to ship!

I’m in no way sponsored in any way, shape or form by Panzerwrecks, and I’ve paid full price for these books with my own money so the reviews are 100% honest, but I’ve yet to buy a bad book from them… 😉

Happy modelling!


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