will’s stem cell adventure

Accidents happens all the time and most of the time you heal and hospitals are able to fix you. Sadly sometimes the damage is permanent, or impossible to repair via surgery – or that the needed treatment just isn’t available in your country?!

Will had one of those accidents which left him paralysed from the neck down, but through years of hard work he regained some functionality – but far from all, and living with pain 24/7 is really draining and make life mostly miserable. I know because I have the same.

Will have found a chance of improvement – a procedure (well, not just a procedure but a whole treatment) that’s sadly not available in his country so he’s set up a gofundme campaign to realise this extensive, and expensive, treatment to hopefully get some more mobility back and most importantly to lessen the awful pain that he’s suffering from.

Will needs $50000 to have a stem cell treatment in Panama – a hefty sum which is pretty much impossible to gather when you’re no longer able to work – let alone having spent everything already on prior medical treatments and just trying to live…

Here’s Will’s gofundme page where you can hear the story and the details regarding his journey!

Please donate whatever you can to Will to give him this chance. He still have a chance to get better!

Here’s an article I wrote about Will Pattison as a featured modeller for those who don’t know him and his amazing work: https://scalemodels.politisktinkorrektpappa.com/2018/01/23/will-pattison-rubegoldberg-featured-modeller/


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