On the bench #10

Ok, this is almost one year since my last On the bench post but living with a spinal injury can throw a bigger than usual spanner in the machinery sometimes and last spring it did…

I’m ok-ish again and I’m back modelling but I had a long period where it just wasn’t possible due to severe migraine and dodgy eyesight caused by various nerve damage I guess?! I started tinkering with a model around Christmas and now I feel properly back in action!

This sadly means that I never got started with my Schwerer Gustaf diorama last summer, nor have I had any further progress with my Entwicklungs-fahrzeug Sammlung, but I will get busy with both of them at some stage. I do have two “get back in action” projects on the bench and they are:

Meng Mk.A. Whippet vignette with open bonnets, scratch built engines and interior. Not anywhere near super detailed but enough to be creative and to serve a purpose.

I’m also building my first 1/20 scale Maschinen Krieger and I chose the Hasegawa Ma.K. MK44 Ammoknights as the first one. I love doing all the research I do before I build any of my tanks e.g. and I slavishly try to recreate the tank at a specific date with regards to details, paint, equipment etc. I love doing all this research but it’s a very slow process and sometimes I just want to stick plastic pieces together, hence a Ma.K. project since it’s 100% fantasy and no real lore at all apart from the early kits. It’s been a bit tricky getting used to 1/20 scale when I mostly just build 1/35 and 1/48 scale but I’m getting there… If you haven’t build a Ma.K. project yet then have a go because you can treat the kit as a true blank canvas and make whatever you want with it since there are no rules!

I had promised myself to lock my stash for quite a long time forward since I no longer really know how and when to finish them all but sadly this didn’t exactly go according to plan… Apart from 5 Ma.K. kits I’ve also bought quite a few 1/72 scale kits for my Schwerer Gustaf diorama that I felt were needed. I’ve also found most of the figures I need for this diorama, hopefully anyway?

I’m not 100% back on track again, and I won’t be for another couple of months, but I’m modelling again and I’m really enjoying it and feeling more creative than I’ve been in a very long time so a bit of a break wasn’t all bad – although I’d prefer not to have been as ill as I got last year because it required several visits to the hospital and still today none of the doctors knows what went wrong with me, only that my body stopped working as it should and none of the tests were positive…

Now it’s primer time for my MK44 Ammoknights I recently gave a cast texture so I can start the paint and weathering cycles 😉

Happy modelling to all of you! I promise regular updates from now on! I just needed to get back on track after a rather bad period…

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