Scale Model Catalogues

Scale Model Catalogues

Here I will post all the pdf scale model catalogues I find so you can read them, or even download them.

I loved reading these catalogues as a kid but they’ve sadly become rarer than hens teeth to get hold of as physical copies, and although a pdf can never replace the real deal it’s at least available this way!

If you are sitting on pdf catalogues that aren’t listed here, please contact me (via the “contact me” form) if you would be so kind to send them to me so we can share them with everybody?
Meanwhile here are some of the more recent one’s I’ve got. I’ll add the old ones later when I get this organised properly.

If one of the catalogues break some sort of copyright, please contact me and I’ll remove the document. This is only intended to help modellers out there to find out the latest kits coming out to the market, i.e. what I deem as fair use.


Academy 2019

ICM 2019

MiniArt 2019 

IBG Models 2019

Italeri 2018

Dragon 2018

Revell 2016

Plus Model 2012



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