Takom Armour Catalogue

This is the current Takom 1/16, 1/35 & 1/144 scale catalogue and it includes all kits from the first to the latest releases!

The column “Available?” tells if the kit is still produced and available or not. “N” means it’s no longer manufactured and thus not available, “Y” means it’s still available to buy.

You can use the search box just above the table to quickly find any kit and it updates the screen in real-time as you type. You can search any field e.g. “35353”, “german” or whatever you want to search for. It’s not case sensitive. You can also sort each column by clicking on the column name and choose ascending or descending.

1000-series are the 1/16 scale models, 2000-series are the 1/35 scale models and the 4000-series are the 1/144 scale models. (currently only one model)

If you find any errors in this catalogue, please send me a message and I’ll correct the database. If you would like other columns of data then please send me a message.

The catalogue will soon also contain a link to Takom for every available kit for further detail. This is only meant to be helpful for you in finding available kits!

Item No.Product NameAvailable?Image
1001 Renault FT-17 Char with Girod Turret & 37mm CanonY
1003 French Light Tank Renault FT Char Canon/Berliet TurretY
1004 Renault FT French Light TankY
2001 Object 279 Soviet Heavy Tank (3 in 1)Y
2003 Leopard MBT C2 MEXAS Canadian MBT with workable track & 1 figure includedY
2004 Leopard MBT 1 A5/C2Y
2005 German Civilian Car (BMW 3 (1977-1982?) with Gas Rockets, Workable steering; 1 figure includedY
2006 Soviet KV-5 Soviet Super Heavy TankY
2007 Japanese-made SUV (Mitsubishi Pajero?) Y
2008 Mk.IV Male WWI Heavy Battle Tank with Workable track & wheelsY
2008X Mk.IV Male Tadpole WWI Heavy Battle Tank Workable TracksY
2009 Mk.IV Female WWI Heavy Battle Tank with Workable track & wheelsY
2010 Mk.IV Hermaphrodite WWI Heavy Battle Tank. Y
2011 Skoda 30.5cm M1916 Siege HowitzerY
2012 St.Chamond (Late Type) WWI French Heavy TankY
2013 VW T3 Transporter Bus with figureY
2014 VW T3 Transporter Pick-up Truck/Crew cabY
2015 WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mk.IV Male Tadpole Y
2016 Soviet KrAZ-260 TruckY
2017 Bundeswehr SpPz 2 Luchs A1/A2 '2 in 1'Y
2018 Skoda 42cm M1917 Heavy Siege Howitzer Y
2019 Ukraine KrAZ-6446 Tractor with ChMZAP-5247G Semi-TrailerY
2020 M9 ACE U.S. Armoured Combat EarthmoverY
2021 German Feld-Umschlag-Gerät FUG 2.5T (4 in 1) Bundeswehr Fork Lift Truck Y
2022 Ukraine KrAZ-6322 Late.Y
2023 WWII German 12.8cm FlaK 40 ZwillingY
2024 Skoda PA-II 'Turtle' WWI tankY
2025 Mk.A Whippet British Medium TankY
2026 Chieftain Mk.11 MBTY
2027 Chieftain Mk.5 MBTY
2028 Chieftain Mk.10 MBTY
2029 Soviet T-14 Armata Main Battle TankY
2030 V-2 Meillerwagen + Hanomag SS100 WWII German V-2 Rocket Transporter/ LauncherY
2031 Mk.I Male WWI British Tank Y
2032 Krupp 21 cm Morser 10/16 2 in 1Y
2033 Mk.I Female Tank WWI British Y
2034 WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mark V 3 in 1 Y
2035 Krupp 420mm 'Big Bertha' German Empire Siege Howitzer Y
2036 AMX-13/75 Light Tank IDF 2 in 1Y
2037 AMX-13/90 French Light TankY
2038 AMX-13/75 French Light Tank with SS-11 ATGM 2 in 1Y
2039 Chieftain Marksman SPAAG British Self Propelled Anti Aircraft GunY
2040 Chieftain Mk.2 British Main Battle TankY
2041 Soviet T-55 AM Medium TankY
2042 Soviet T-55 AMV Medium TankY
2043 Finnish Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Gun ItPsv 90 Marksman SPAAGY
2044 Bundeswehr Flakpanzer 1 Gepard SPAAG A1/A2 2 in 1 Y
2045 Pz.Kpfw.VI King Tiger with Henschel Turret, Zimmerit and Interior.Y
2046 Pz.Kpfw.VI King Tiger with Porsche Turret and Zimmerit and Interior. Y
2047 Pz.Kpfw.VI King Tiger with Henschel Turret, Zimmerit and Interior, Special Edition PzAbt 505. Y
2048 Pz.Kpfw.VI King Tiger Tracks (designed to be used with Takom kits)Y
2049 Maus V-1 WWII German Super Heavy TankY
2050 Maus V-2 WWII German Super Heavy TankY
2051 Tiran-4 IDF Medium TankY
2052 G6 Rhino SANDF Self-propelled Howitzer South African National Defence ForceY
2053 Krupp Raumer S (Selbstrantrieb) WWII German Super Heavy Mine Clearing VehicleY
2054 Iraqi Medium Tank Type-69 II 2 in 1Y
2055 Soviet T-54B Late version Medium TankY
2056 Soviet T-55A Medium Tank (3 in 1)Y
2057 Soviet T-55 AM2B (3 in 1) DDR Medium TankY
2058 Soviet SPAAG ZSU-57-2 2 in 1 Y
2059 Chieftain Tracks (designed to be used with Takom kits) [Mk.10 Mk.11 Mk.2 Mk.5]Y
2060 AMX-13 French Light Tank Tracks without Rubber Pads Y
2061 AMX-13 French Light Tank Tracks with Rubber PadsY
2062 AMX-13/105 Light Tank Dutch Army 2 versions in 1 boxY
2063 AMX-13 Light Tank with Chaffee Turret in Algerian War 1954 -1962Y
2064 U.S. Heavy Tank T29E3Y
2065 U.S. Heavy Tank T30/34 2 in 1Y
2066 British APC FV432 Mk.2/1 with interiorY
2067 British APC FV432 Mk 3 Bulldog Y
2068 Hanomag SS100 WWII German TractorY
2069 Chinese Medium Tank Type 59/69 2 in 1 Y
2070 US Medium Tank M47/G 2 in 1Y
2072 US Medium Tank M47E/M 2 in 1Y
2073 King Tiger Henschel Turret with interiorY
2074 Pz.Kpfw.VI King Tiger Porsche Turret with interiorY
2075 WWII German Single Stage Ballistic Missile V-2Y
2076 WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mk.IV 2 in 1 (Special Edition) Assemble as Male or Female versionY
2077 French Light Armoured Car AML-90Y
2078 Israeli Main Battle Tank Merkava 1Y
2079 Israeli Main Battle Tank Merkava 1 HybridY
2082 Soviet MRAP Typhoon KY
2084 French Light Armoured Car AML-60Y
2085 M3 Lee US Medium Tank EarlyY
2086 M3 Grant British Medium TankY
2087 M3 Lee US Medium Tank LateY
2088 M31 US Tank Recovery VehicleY
2090 R.O.C. Army CM-11 (M48H) Brave Tiger MBTY
2091 R.O.C. Army CM-11 (M48H) Brave Tiger MBT w/ERAY
2092 Soviet T-55 Tracks OMSh (open metallic joint type)Y
2093 Soviet T-55 Tracks RMSh (rubber metallic hinge type)Y
2094 Maus V2 Workable Tracks with sprockets (for Dragon kits)Y
2095 KrAZ-260V Tractor w/ ChMZAP-5247G Semi-trailer & Soviet T-55 AMVY
2110 V-2 Rocket Vidalwagen Hanomag SS100 (V-2 Rocket Transporter) V-2 includedY
3001 WWII Landkreuzer P1000 & Pz VIII Maus '2 in 1'Y