First post!

So here it is – my first post on something I’ve planned for some time now.

Ever since I got back into scale modelling again after a 30 year long hiatus I wanted to have somewhere I could write about my modelling, not just post specifics on forums etc, and scale modelling didn’t fit my main blog where I mainly write about software, and hardware, development, computer security, app development and other subjects that are/were tied to my professional life.

Scale modelling is a hobby, but one that takes a lot of my time, so it deserves its own place.

I also want to review all the kits I buy and build because, let’s be honest here – some of them are pretty damn poor, and I’ve bought a couple that shouldn’t still be manufactured if you ask me! To save someone else from buying one of those, or to really recommend certain ones and for the rest be totally honest about my opinion, this blog was created.

I will also review any product that is used for scale modelling like paint, weathering products, tools, solvents etc to give my opinion about them. Some will disagree with me – and this is fully normal. Please write a comment if you don’t agree with me, or if you do. You can comment whatever you want! The point is to help others out there having fun!

I’ve got an awful lot on the bench at the moment so there’s going to be quite a few reviews coming up shortly. Mostly great kits but also a few really wonky ones…

Happy tinkering!

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